Our bakery specialists

Steve Wells

Starting as a trained and practicing chef before the leap to opening his own bakery and then creating Brook Food, Steve has built a vast knowledge which spans 30 years within the baking industry, with an emphasis on all sectors. Steve is Head Office based and widely recognised throughout the bakery world. Steve’s experience in craft and production settings and his processing knowledge, along with his developed experience allows him to help customers from all types and sizes of bakeries ensure they have the right equipment for the product.

Head Office Based

Steve’s favourite baked product is a classic Jam Doughnut

Ann Wells

Starting in catering equipment supply before moving to the bakery sector, Ann has 11 years’ experience within the industry. Ann has gained knowledge through a solution based approach and is a craft sector expert with a comprehensive technical knowledge of equipment. Ann is our industry tendencies and trend expert and has a conceptual approach, working in the main with craft sector bakeries.

Head office based.

Ann’s favourite baked product is a fruit loaf.

Ian Martin