Large Deck Ovens

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Logiudice Forni promotes continuous innovation of its products, expertly combining industrial technology and craftsmanlike tradition. Efficiency, inexpensiveness and ease of use combined with experience in the ancient wisdom of the art baking make their products unique.

The Prime oven has refractory brick channels and isolating cement casingm, recommended for baking any kind of bread. Thanks to the even temperature produced by the steam circulation and to the large thermal mass, our annular steam tube ovens are conspicuous for their exceptional evenness and baking quality. 

The Kappa oven, meets the requirements of today’s users as it is compact and flexibility. Ring-shaped steam tube oven with firebox and masonry channels. The insulating cement casing is replaced by material with a high insulation coefficient.

The Fokus oven, has the ability to rapidlly change temperature variare the results of the technology applied to the traditional system of the annular steam tube ovens.  Ovens recommended for baking any kind of bread. The steam generators are positioned in direct contact with the heat flow, guaranteeing an excellent volume of steam. This is a good alternative to cyclothermic ovens.

The Energy oven satisfies any requirement of the modern baker since it guarantees even baking, low operating costs, simple installation and maintenance, reliability and flexibility. The Energy electric deck oven has been designed and manufactured with the intent to minimise energy consumption while ensuring perfect baking.

The Prime and Kappa models are available in burner gas, gas-oil, solid fuel verisions and biofuel-pellet format. The Fokus in burner gas, gas oil or solid fuel and the Energy in electrioc only. 

These artisan ovens achieve an unrivalled bake, consistent results and a truly unique baking experience with gentle yet effective steam encompassing the product, teamed with efficient heat distribution.

Ovens are available in a huge range of sizes and configurations.

The wide range of optional loading systems assist setters loading and unloading the oven which reduces dough handling and increases productivity

Highly efficient Logiudice Forni ovens reach temperature quickly and recovery times are excellent.

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