Lifters, Tippers and Portioning Hoppers

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MIXER’s bowl lifters and tippers offer convenient and flexible options to facilities looking to unload mixes ready for further processing of dough, either on worktables or in other machines.
They are manufactured to work with bowl trolleys from removable bowl MIXER mixers from 130kg upwards. The lifters and tippers can also be specified to work alongside bowls from other manufacturers.

Models are available to suit the customer and site requirements by specifying the position the lifter tips at, as well as the tipping height.

Smaller models can discharge the bowl contents onto a table or into a hopper for further processing with simple semi-automatic controls to assist with first level automation. Larger models that offer increased tipping heights, up to 3500mm, are available, again with lateral discharge, frontal discharge and with fully automatic controls to minimise operator intervention.

Portioning hoppers assist the production process by reducing large bulk mixes ahead of, for instance, the dividing process, ensuring the divider hopper isn’t overloaded, yet constant feeding is in place.

These hoppers are mounted over the next process hopper and can handle up to 600kg dough at a time. Hoppers are configured to suit various dough styles with a choice of blade positioning, hopper coatings and scraper assemblies. With photocell recognition at discharge as well as the option for the same facility on loading, the portioning hopper can help with increased automation and time savings within the mixing/dividing process.

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