Donut Production Lines

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The Canol Donut Production lines featuring industrial fryers have been designed and built for continuous frying of donuts and other similar floating products as well as supporting processes.
Products are fried first on one side and then on the other, they can be turned once more and fried again if required.

The hourly production capacities of such machines are variable, since they depend on the product’s size and the required frying time.

Fryer oil heating can be fuelled by gas burners, electric elements or oil boiler.

Loading into the frying tank itself can be manual or via an automatic loader or prover, the systems are bespoke and deigned to suit the requirements of the end product.

After frying, products be filled using various methods, sugared and cooled on dedicated conveyor and finishing systems.

Smaller models can be configured in a U-shape allowing production to be supervised by just one operator.

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