Mixer Carousel Systems

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Mixer's carousel system offers overhead and rotational transportation of mixing bowls within industrial bakeries and factories to various processing areas.

The system allows for fully-automatic movement to various stations. Raw ingredients are automatically dosed in the loading station via silo and micro-ingredient systems. 

After ingredient loading, the system automatically transports the bowl with its ingredients either directly to the mixer, or transfers to any necessary pre-mixing resting phases. 

Once the mixing has finished, the system will transfer the bowl with mixed dough to a resting stage before the bowl is then transferred to a lifter/dumper, portioning hoppers or other process machinery. 

The operator has full control over the entire process including all program parameters of the mixer or mixers through the PLC Touch Screen. 

The entire system is protected by guarding to ensure safety and streamlined production. The system allows for improved productivity, product quality, and consistency through fully automatic control over the entire process. 

These systems can be configured to process many thousands of pounds of dough per hour and are custom tailored to meet your production needs.

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