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The italian built Gorreri vertical aeration mixers provide industrial cake producers with a robust and highly efficient mixing system for high viscosity products, including whipped creams, cheeses, cake batters, mousse, meringue and many more.

Available in 3 capacities, 300lt, 500lt and 650lt, with the largest capable of producing up to 3000 kg of product per hour. The mixers use revolutionary technology to outperform other similar systems currently available on the market.

Using Vertimix technology, which is the product of over 20 years of experience and studies in understanding how fluids react when being mixed to achieve the best possible results, the mixing head is positioned vertically and therefore makes the most of the natural flow of the product as it enters the mixing head.

Tanks are available with a choice of 3 heads which are designed to suit groups of products specifically. The various heads feature differing amount of mixing teeth which allow for effective and uniformed air absorption into the product, air is directed via filters through the head itself and can be regulated to suit the production requirements. 

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