Brook offer the Bakery sector with revolutionary coating technology

Electrostatic spraying offers food producers a highly effective alternative to spraying powders and coatings on to many different products, Brook Food are proud to announce the news of a partnership with Swedish manufacturers Gema that now offers this revolutionary equipment to the bakery sector.

Foodex 2016 will see Brook Food having a system set up for visitors to see how the process works and to discuss the benefits of the technology.

Most common applications include cocoa and icing sugar being applied to biscuits, cakes and doughnuts however the production capabilities are endless and the machines can be used across the bakery sector for a number of other powders and bespoke requirements.

Advantages include;

Improved efficiency of the application of powder particles on to end products
More effective – By charging the powder particles and allowing them to stick to the end product more effectively gives a better end result
The electrostatic application takes place within a sealed area of the machine which also features an extraction system which eliminates powder particulates in the atmosphere
Wastage is reduced by means of the machines recovery system which captures unused particles for recirculation and immediate reuse.

Machines can be incorporated within existing production lines and feature the charging unit itself, dispensing head, which can be built to your specific product specification and filtration and recirculation systems

Belt widths vary from 300mm – 1500mm and with belt speeds of up to 15m per minute allowing for high volumes of product to be coated.

Powder savings have been reported in the region of 20% - 35%

Key advantages would also include consistency as other coating results are incomparable. A measured and precise quantity of powder is always applied to all surfaces of every product. Coating quantity can be easily adjusted to suit different products and batches and the end products are not damaged during the coating process.