Rofco Oven on display at Foodex Micro Bakery Oven of Choice

Whether you are an enthusiastic home baker or running your own micro bakery, moving on from a domestic oven is a huge step. Sometimes the jump to a commercial deck oven is a bit too much. The Rofco oven can fill this gap by providing a stone baking surface within a very compact oven. 

As agents for Rofco in the UK we will be displaying the most popular B40 model on their stand at Foodex G251 and welcome visitors looking to understand the ovens the chance to have a look during the exhibition.

The ovens, which are constructed entirely from stainless steel, come in 5 capacities and feature adjustable temperature controls. The larger models feature an additional control to vary the temperature of the stone soles.

The ovens run on a single phase electric supply so can be easily integrated into your production whether in a domestic kitchen or a small commercial set up.

Also available are removable steam pods that are used within the oven to create steam whilst baking.  A full range of baking trays to use within the ovens are also available.