Reach Food Systems launch new High Temperature Cooking Vessel

Following extensive product development and market research Reach Food Systems are launching a new product to fit the demand of their customer base which spans across various sectors of the food production industry.

The new temperature cooking vessels that are available in two capacities, 250 and 400kg are suitable for many users requiring product to reach much higher temperatures than what normal melting kettles can achieve without the use of steam jacketed vessels or pressurised systems.

Constructed fully from stainless steel with FDA approved scrapers, the triple skinned vessel can offer a solution to high temperature products whilst still maintaining a cool to touch exterior skin.

Optional refrigeration packs are also available for rapid cooling of products. The tanks can be supplied stand alone or mounted onto a skid system to be moved around the workplace.


With energy efficiency a big cost consideration to many businesses the system combines a food grade thermal oil with our 25kw heating system to offer a jacket temperature range up to 180c and running at only 25kw, the system offers a distinct saving on ongoing energy costs.

With touch screen PLC controls and an intelligent recipe handling system that will not only let the user set the product temperature but also allow the user to set a product cooking profile.

The touch screen HMI displays jacket temperature and product temperature and be set to offer product holding times and rest times as well as various different heating patterns, thus allowing for flexibility heating up many different products for many applications.

The agitator system used is based on our tried and tested system used across the existing melting tank range and tanks ensures both product movement and equal heat distribution to maximum efficiency.

The agitator controls can be set to various speed profiles as well as a pulse pattern combined with set points to start and stop during different parts of the heating program.


The exciting new product offers a new solution to many applications.