Here at Reach Food Systems we are really excited to be heading out once again to IBA in Munich, as the leading fair for the industry its excellent platform for showcasing the latest developments across our range of machinery for the confectionery and food production market place.

Our innovative and flexible products are designed and manufactured entirely in the UK to the highest British quality standards. Extensive research, development and testing as well as customer feedback from across our network of worldwide distributors and end users has enabled further product launches and new end product solutions, we continually work from an end product backwards to develop bespoke systems for specialist applications as well as a standard range of machines..


Stirred Melting Kettle

The Melting Kettle comes in two sizes 250lt and 400lt, it is designed to heat chocolate compounds, fondants, jams, marmalades, grease or any other liquids to a given temperature and keep the product stirred to allow control of the consistency. The Kettle is constructed of Stainless Steel has a bead blast finish and can be fitted with or without plastic scrapers.

It has a hinged cover with safety switch which will stop the machine as soon as the cover has been lifted, equipped with a constantly turning stirring device via a shaft through a central column thus eliminating the use of seals that can break down and cause contamination to the product, having a rotation speed of 16 RPM the stirring device will not start until the temperature has reached its set point (this can be pre - set) this will protect the product and motor.

Our unit is triple walled Insulated to the outside and as standard is filled with water to provide heating of the material inside the container this temperature can be set between 0- 80 Degrees C by using the temperature adjustment on the electrical cabinet, however as an option at the customer’s request we can use thermal oil.

The outlet has a 75mm stainless steel butterfly valve mounted to the front for emptying, fitted with tri clamps for ease of removal/cleaning. The electrical panel is mounted on a pillar above and to the left of the machine for easy access; this can be mounted remotely if requested. We can also build the unit on to a platform with heavy duty wheels for manoeuvrability.

R-Drop 65 TT

For the production unit that is tight for space we introduced our table top depositor it stands on stainless steel feet just 50mm high and can sit on a bench or table.

The Table Top multi-function Depositor has the capability of depositing numerous products such as cake batter, muffin batter, sponge batter, fruited batter, fruit fillings with large particulates, jams & marmalades, cream fillings, meat fillings, sauces and stabilized slurries.

Manufactured in stainless steel with a bead blast finish, plastic parts are made from Ertalyte Pet-P the design is volumetric single shot Rotary Valve having the benefit of high accuracy and great versatility, concentrating on the user friendly approach so changeover times and cleaning are extremely fast thus enabling you to achieve maximum production time.

With a hopper capacity of 50lt and speeds of up to 80 deposits per min depending on the product, the volume range is 10ml to 650ml per deposit which makes this an extremely versatile machine.

You have the option of various different attachments for example: handguns, single head nozzles, multi head nozzles, injection needles, decorating heads and even spray nozzles.

The Reach Food Systems range of depositors can be used in a wide range of food processing applications such as

Sandwich filling
Yogurt production
Fruit Fillings
Ready Meal Production
Jacket Potato Fillings
Pasta Meal Production

As well as food production our equipment can be used in many other industries such as Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Pet Food Production plus many other processing industries.


R Pump

Transfer Pump

The Reach Food Systems Transfer Pump is an easy to use mobile unit capable of pumping many different products from a bowl or container into a hopper.

It has always been a difficult task when trying to fill a depositor hopper by hand, but the transfer pump makes that a thing of the past.

Our pump is available in two versions:

• Transfer pump with auto lift device

• Transfer pump with hand operated lifting device

Both are equipped with a rotation device that enables you to position the inlet of the pump into various receptacles, even a spiral mixer bowl.

The Transfer Pump is suitable for many different products such as cake batter, sponge batter, muffin batter, creams and meat fillings; all of which are particularly well suited for the pump.

With our gentle system we can accommodate fillings with large particulates so eliminating damaged fruit in your products.

The Transfer Pump is low maintenance and is extremely easy to strip down and clean so down time is kept to a minimum.